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“Providing socks and warming the feet of every child … 10 toes at a time.”

In December 2009, Jordan and her family volunteered at a local Christmas event for children.  Jordan and her Dad were helping at the jump castles on a very cold and rainy day and Jordan noticed that when the children took off their shoes most of them were not wearing socks.  When she helped them put their shoes back on, she was so sad to feel their cold little feet.

Nine months later, on a September Sunday morning, Jordan sang a special song in her church.  A gentleman in the congregation told Jordan that her voice and song blessed him and that God told him to bless Jordan.  This blessing was a monetary gift of $20 and Jordan knew right then that God wanted her to now return the blessing to someone else – but she didn’t know to whom.  So … she prayed.  She prayed and asked God to show her how He wanted her to use this gift.  God spoke to her heart and reminded her of the children she met nine months earlier on that cold and rainy December day.

The next week, Jordan used the blessing she received from singing, along with $5 she had earned, to buy the first five packages of socks.  With the help of her Mom and Dad, Warm Feet Happy Hearts was formed.  She exceeded her goal to collect 200 packages by November 1st and collected 3,900 pairs of socks by December 9th.  3,634 pairs were distributed at Charleston Convoy of Hope Christmas event and, three weeks later, another 1,284 pairs were collected.  250 pairs were given to a local school’s Needs Closet, 1,100 pairs were sent to AIDS orphans in Swaziland, Africa and 200 pairs were sent to the Philippines.  That’s 5,184 pairs!!!

At the conclusion of her first sock drive, a local reporter asked Jordan what her next goal would be.  She simply stated, “That’s up to God now.”  Warm Feet Happy Hearts continues to collect and distribute socks because she wants EVERY child to have warm feet this winter and every winter to come, and she wants each of these children to have the love of Jesus in their hearts, and to know His love for them.

Every Christmas Day, Warm Feet Happy Hearts participates in the “Jesus’ Birthday Party” event held in Charleston at The Citadel and distributes many of the socks and other clothing items that have been collected throughout the year to those in need.  God has opened so many doors for Warm Feet Happy Hearts to serve children and adults right here in the Low Country, across the United States and around the world.  God continues to bless Warm Feet Happy Hearts and we are thankful He chose us to serve and take care of those He calls us to.